Laser Hair Reduction


Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair Forever

Laser Hair Reduction

Permanent Laser Hair Removal effectively eliminates unwanted hair from both the face and body. Unlike temporary solutions like waxing or threading, laser hair removal delivers a long-lasting solution to hair reduction. By directing concentrated light at the hair follicles, it disables their ability to produce new hair, resulting in smooth, hair-free skin.

This procedure is safe and relatively painless, causing minimal discomfort compared to traditional hair removal methods. Additionally, laser hair removal diminishes the risk of ingrown hairs, resulting in a smoother and more even skin texture. Overall, it offers a convenient and efficient solution for individuals seeking permanent hair reduction.

LHR is a safe and trusted method for eliminating unwanted hair from various parts of the body such as arms, underarms, legs, bikini lines, back, shoulders, buttocks, chest, abdomen, upper lip, and more. This method relies on delivering light energy to the hair follicles, destroying them at the roots without causing harm to the surrounding skin.

During permanent laser hair removal, a specific wavelength laser is directed onto the skin surface. This laser emits light energy that penetrates the skin and gets absorbed by the chromophores (colored pigments) in the hair follicles. The absorbed energy is then converted into heat, which coagulates the proteins in the follicles, ultimately leading to their destruction.

Primelase – HR (Spain) (triple wavelength technology)

The PrimeLase HR platform, designed to remove all kinds of hair permanently and safely, utilizes three different wavelengths. This diode LASER platform boasts a peak power of 4800W and offers maximum effectiveness with its three different wavelengths (755nm, 810nm, and 1060nm).

Alma Soprano Pro (Israel) DIODE

The Alma Soprano Pro is equipment designed to achieve permanent hair reduction for all pigmented hair on all skin types. Its Gold Standard 810-nm laser diode ensures reliable results. The treatment is virtually painless and safe.

It helps in improving the quality of skin. It also helps to remove cystic hair and improves problems like ingrown hair, folliculitis, carbuncles, hypertrichosis and hidradenitis.
LASER hair removal requires multiple treatment sessions as we can only remove hair in the growth phase known as anagen. The number of sessions depends on the area to be treated, the thickness and color of the hair, skin type and the specific needs of each patient. On an average, 6-8 sessions are required for visible hair reduction.
Treatment is virtually painless and tolerable. Although some patients may feel some discomfort and heat, inherent to the LASER, or cold from the device’s cooled tip.
The duration depends on the size of the area to be treated. An upper lip may take up to 5 minutes, in underarms 15 minutes and in legs 60 minutes.
The patient should avoid sunbathing and the use of tweezers, waxing, electrolysis or any other type of air removal systems which remove hair by the root.
The risks are minimal, and most of them are reversible. The most common reactions include redness, residual erythema, and perifollicular edema.