Skin Brightening / Rejuvenation

Pigmentation is caused by increased Melanin in the skin. This can be the result of direct sun damage or due to certain conditions such as pregnancy or Addison’s disease. This pigmentation also can be caused by number of a factors such as age spots, dark spots, sun spots or due to poor skin elasticity.

Melanin is made of Melanocytes, a series of cells combined with cells that features the skin topmost layer, the epidermis. When the cells are damaged or are in poor health, production of melanin gets affected. This, in turn, makes the skin patchy. The patchiness can occur in certain areas or all over the body as a whole. Conditions such as freckles or age spots are results of excess melanin in that specific areas. If the body produces an excessive amount of melanin, the skin tends to become darker in colour and if the body produces a small amount, the skin will appear to be lighter.

We at Dr. Prachi Bhattar’s Clinic offer non-invasive ways of treating pigmentation and skin brightening and pride ourselves on our excellent results. An initial consultation is carried out prior to your treatment to assess your skin condition.

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